Trail use

Counting Users of Our Trails

Measuring usage of a trail relies on devices that count someone passing through a single spot. Trail counters in Elkhart County saw a remarkable 340,000 passes last year. This figure is based on the data received from four counters located on the Millrace and Pumpkinvine trails, as well as estimates developed after several counters experienced downtime. Michiana Area Council of Governments coordinates the counters and data collection throughout our region.

In Middlebury and Shipshewana, more than 200 people were counted in the daily average. The peak days were October on the Pumpkinvine and September on the Millrace Trail. And no surprise here, but the busiest day tends to be Saturday.

Even after the significant spike in trail usage in 2020, usership continues to steadily increase; making a solid case of the public’s appreciation for these assets.

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