Vulnerable Road User Bill

A bill has been introduced in the Indiana General Assembly that would heighten penalties for automobile drivers who are convicted after causing serious bodily injury or death of a vulnerable road user.

State Sen. Greg Walker, R-Columbus, introduced Senate Bill 408. After a first reading, it was referred to the Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law. We don’t know if it will progress further.

If passed, the proposed law would require the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to suspend or revoke a motorist’s license or driving privileges following a conviction of a moving traffic offense. The bill would add to existing law governing such actions by adding the vulnerable road user classification to other causes.

The bill defines a vulnerable user as:

  1. A pedestrian.
  2. An individual engaged in road work along a highway or street.
  3. An individual operating a bicycle, electric foot scooter, or Class 1, 2, or 3 electric bicycle on a highway or street.
  4. An individual operating a farm tractor, farm wagon, or a farm implement on a highway or street.
  5. A first responder.
  6. A tow truck operator or stationary recovery vehicle operator.

We hope the bill makes it out of committee and before the Senate and then House.

Read the bill or learn more.